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It's not like I'm pretty..... my face could break a camera if I could be bother to try....

Le sigh.....

I do feel like I miss out on the most creative and fun things..... this is probably why I never make films.... never around at the right time....
UGH!!! So I was a part of a small project for a present for a band that I like. It was a little comic and I was doing the backgrounds. I did not manage to get them done in time because my anxiety and depression got in the way, slowing me down. A fan called Liz has gotten pissy wit me calling me selfish. WELL SORRY YOUR MAJESTY, MY LIFE DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND ONE THING. The band may be pretty awesome, and nice, but I can't put them in front of my own bloody well being!!!


The Hoosiers Album Signing!

So! Today was just awesome! Went to Reading to see the Hoosiers!!! Their new album, The Illusion of Safety, came out today so they did a signing at the HMV in Reading (Irwin comes from Reading so they thought it appropriate). It was my first time seeing the Hoosiers so I was mega excited!

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Nearly There ...

Well, I've been working on a costume for well over a year now. It is my Red Mage costume that I think I mentioned in my last post. Today I finished the coat! I'm so happy :D Just gotta finish the hat now and that's the worst of it over. After that I will have to redo the cape as I cut it too short. Then I gotta make sure the whole outfit goes together nicely. sounds like a lot but won't take long. Can't wait till it's finally finished! Then I can get to work on my next costume, Femme!5! :D

Summer update!!

I hand around on here a lot but it's been a while since I've updated!
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So yeah, the internet can be a real bitch sometimes. Concerned about a friend who wasn't in school today, asked if she wasn't in because of stress from c/w. Took it as if I was telling her off, causing her to be more stressed than she already was. Thanks internet, thanks. Same goes for you texting! Was telling her on Monday that there was no essay h/w cause a friend told me that's what she was doing as well as recovering from the night before. Got stressy over that too. This is why communication really should be face-to-face. I'm glad we're gonna do Vlog messages while she's in Australia. Much harder to misinterpret!

Last weeks shenanigans

Last week felt rather hecktic, depsite there only being 4 school days cause of May Day. May Day was awesome. Was at Ilfracombe with family and a friend. We watch their May Day parade. Was awesome. See it most years, but it's always awesome. Always feels really genuine as well, no Christianity involved at all! And luckily no burning of any wicker men. Just londs of drums and Morris Dancers, May pole dance and the releasing of summer buy stripping Jack of the Green of his leaves (d/w, is not a man, just a bamboo cane cone decorated in foliage!) Also there was live music at the Landmark because it was the beer festival which celebrated its 10th year!

Tuesday was uneventful. Now Wednesday. Not gonna forget that! Went to the cinema with friends to see Kick-Ass awesome film but I never saw the end of it because I left the screen then had a panic attack. I think it was triggered but the seizure inducing strobe lit fight scene near the end. I did not have a seizure luckily, but it was scary. They called an ambulance eventually after I'd stopped saying I didn't need one (I was being polite, not wanting to cause any trouble despite the panic that I was going through). All is well now, and the Paramedics were really friendly. They probably could have found out what was wrong if I had let the cinema call them earlier rather than wait and panic with a first aid student helping to calm me down. I want to watch the rest of the film though. I'll wait till it comes out on DVD then watch it in a well lit room.

Thursday, took the morning off so I could recover. Friday, can't really remember it. Saturday, rediscovered my desk which had been long hidden underneath masses of paper and junk. I found the table behind me which was covered in all sorts of rubbish-that-is-not-really-rubbish. Tried to go dress shopping with friends on Sunday, but most of them were being really awkward about it. Only two of us were actually interested, me and Nic, and she's already got a dress. I tried one on in monsoon cause she really wanted to see someone in a dress. It was a really nice dress! I'm considering, but not too sure really. I'll keep looking.

Yeah lots of writing, don't if ya didn't read it, just wanted to put down some of my thoughts! :)
Busiest Saturday in a looooong time and I haven't even stepped outside the house today!

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